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This project is a reinvention of the ‘Collegiate Quadrangle’: the academic, urban model that defines 牛津大学 University and its ancient Colleges. 起源于中世纪修道院的, 牛津大学’s Quads are both social and architectural structures, where a scholarly community lives and studies together. 通常, a College Quad is made up of conjoined buildings and cellular spaces accessed from internal courtyards; a walled compound. 我们的彩票365官方网站诠释并改变了这一传统. The Cohen Quad is not only sensitive to its historic 牛津大学 context and outward-looking but introduces informal social learning spaces and a new architectonic language to the city’s Collegiate tradition. This 6000sm commission was won through an international competition in 2011 and marks 牛津大学’s first academic and residential Quadrangle authored by a female architect.

Three key concepts underpin the Cohen Quad’s architecture: the journey, 集会场所, 还有关于家的想法. The journey, or architectural promenade, is realised in the Quad’s elongated, ‘S’ shaped plan form. This parti generates two very different courtyards: one south-facing, 举办露天剧场, 另一面朝北,对着耶利哥, 邻近的19世纪工匠社区. Two cloisters are the building’s primary public circulation route. These run alongside the two courtyards and provide glimpses into adjacent teaching spaces. Wide staircases lead upward to four floors of student rooms, 屋顶露台和山顶, 全景天窗窗座. Gathering is embodied in the variety and generosity of the Quad’s many convening spaces. Every space in the building is conceived to encourage planned or chance encounters; from widened corridors, 透明的研讨室, 到光线充足的学习共享区, 到一个多功能礼堂, 家庭厨房, 咖啡厅和公共休息室. Home is embodied in the Quad’s sectional strategy: Like a house, the building’s lower two levels hold its ‘public’ spaces, 因为它更私密, 90间学生书房占据了它的上层. 温暖的天然材料, 内置的家具, safely transparent study spaces offer the freedom to ‘find one’s place’. 社区身份, shelter and home are visibly expressed the Quad’s curved, 彩虹色的屋顶, that gradually steps down to meet the scale of its domestic neighbours.

A requirement of the project was to retain three facades of an Edwardian Baroque college that previously occupied the site. This historic artifact contributes to the narrative of the new Quad. The formed college’s arched portal acts as threshold between the 19th century and 21st. The South Cloister extends this arched vocabulary as 18 glulam fins, 用拱形来描述椭球几何. Between each fin exterior walls and roof are fully glazed, capturing changing light. 回廊通向研讨室, 行政办公室, 还有奎德的心脏, 多层次的共享学习. This is 牛津大学 University’s first dedicated social learning space. Conceived as a kind of landscape offering places of seclusion or open-ness, the Learning Commons’ informality and spatial permeability has created a place of connection and belonging for the entire College community,

超越学习共享, 北, 混凝土回廊通向更多的研讨室, 一个音乐练习室和礼堂大厅. Echoing the pavilion-like chapel in Exeter College’s historic campus, 礼堂是一个多用途的, 带有弹簧地板的隔音空间. It hosts concerts, events, lectures for up to 100 people, and dinners. 创建无列空间, 胶合木梁悬挂在叉骨柱上, peeling upward as a wave-form roof to meet the columns. A clerestory window between these surfaces wash the Auditorium interior with morning light.

The lowest building level holds the Learning Commons Café, 厨房, JCR and support spaces along with the College’s Special Collections Archive. The Archivist Office and Research Room for visiting scholars is illuminated by a circular walk-on rooflight and a ‘vitrine’ window. The top four floors of Cohen Quad host 90 bed-and-study rooms with shared 家庭厨房. Lofty spaces under the Quad’s curved roof at 3rd floor level hold four research and teaching offices and Senior Common Room leading to a roof terrace ‘carved out’ from the roof. Apartments for Junior Dean and visiting scholars occupy similarly curved top floor lofts.

The Cohen Quad’s materials 牛津大学’s architectural history, 尤其是耐久性和可持续性. 设计寿命至少为200年, 外立面采用巴斯石灰石, 室内的地板和墙壁都是Jura石灰石. Exposed in-situ concrete ceilings and walls provide thermal mass. This simple palette acts as a canvas for joinery made from American Black Cherry wood, 胶合木结构和黄铜铁艺. Operational carbon is minimised using natural ventilation, 空气源热泵和太阳能热热水.

Quad独特的弧形屋顶, 外覆Rimex不锈钢板, 庆祝金属工艺,通过这个, the spirit of the 19th century Arts and Crafts movement led by William Morris, 埃克塞特学院的毕业生. Its checkerboard patterning references the leaded spire of Exeter College’s neo-Gothic Chapel. 优雅地折叠在彩票365官方网站的体量上, 就像把衣服剪裁成衣服一样, the roof’s undulating geometry and luminous surface is a direct contrast to the pointed, ecclesiastical architecture of 牛津大学’s historic Quads. 新旧语境的统一手段, 教学和居住空间, 屋顶和墙壁, the Quad’s curved and patterned canopy signals both welcome and a dynamic new identity for a collegiate community.

6,000 m²
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